Tracking fitness results

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You have a health goal and tracking your results can be taxing as well as discouraging. You get on the scale to weigh and the scale simply indicates your weight in pounds or kilos. So you start exercising and monitoring your diet. Next week, you get on the scale and the scale indicates probably the same weight as you started with the week before. Now you may get discouraged, thinking you have been exercising and doing things differently however to no avail. With the FitTrack smart scale, you get more than just your weight. You actually get 17 comprehensive measurements: weight, BMI, visceral fat, muscle mass, hydration level, bone mass, BMR, body fat %, protein %, body age, body fat, weight control, standard weight, weight without fat, muscle weight, protein amount, and obesity degree. I will go into more detail about these measurements in subsequent blog post. FitTrack smart scale helps you stay motivated as you monitor your results. It’s partner is a smart watch, Atria 2.0, however you can pair it with Apple Health, Google Fit and more. I have a FitTrack and will personally share my fitness goals and results.

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