No Trick, Treat Yourself to Strong Bones with Exercise

As the Halloween season approaches, we often hear the phrase “trick or treat” being used. But what if this year, instead of focusing on the sweet treats, we focus on a different kind of treat – strong bones.

While indulging in candy can bring temporary joy, incorporating regular exercise into our routine can have long-lasting benefits for our bones. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to build and maintain strong bones, and in this blog post, we’ll explore how different forms of exercise can lead to healthier, stronger bones. So put aside the tricks and focus on the real treat – strong bones.

Exercise for Strong Bones

Exercise plays a crucial role in obtaining, maintaining, and improving bone health. When we engage in weight-bearing exercises, such as walking, running, or dancing, our muscles exert force on our bones. This force stimulates our bones to become dense and stronger. Additionally, exercises that require us
to support our body weight, such as push-ups or squats, can further enhance strong bones.

Another important way exercise contributes to strong bones is by improving balance and coordination. As we age, our risk of falls increases, which can lead to fractures and other bone-related injuries. Regular exercise, particularly activities that challenge our balance, such as yoga can help improve our stability and reduce the likelihood of falling. Exercise also plays a role in increasing the production of certain hormones, such as growth hormone and testosterone, which are essential for strong bones. These hormones help promote the growth of new bone tissue and prevent the breakdown of existing bone.

Exercise contributes to strong bones by stimulating bone density and strength, improving balance and coordination, and promoting the production of bone-building hormones. So, when planning your next (WOD) workout of the day, remember that you are not only benefiting your overall fitness but also giving your bones the treat they deserve.

Exercises That Promote Strong Bones

Regarding promoting bone strength, not all exercises are created equal. While any form of physical activity benefits overall health, specific exercises specifically target and promote strong bones.

Weight-bearing exercises are the top contenders for building strong bones. These include activities where your body supports its own weight, such as walking, jogging, hiking, and dancing. These exercises stimulate bone growth and increase bone density. The impact of your feet hitting the ground during these weight-bearing activities helps to strengthen your bones, especially in the lower body.

Resistance exercises, such as weightlifting or using resistance bands, are also great for building bone strength. These exercises involve putting resistance on your muscles, which stresses your bones. This stress encourages the bone cells to grow and become stronger over time.

Incorporating balance exercises into your routine can also benefit your bone health. Activities like yoga, and Pilates improve your balance and stability, reducing the risk of falls and fractures. These exercises engage your muscles and bones in various positions, helping to improve coordination and prevent injuries. My bone-strengthening modalities include resistance bands, rebounders, and vibration training on a power plate machine.

Remember, a well-rounded workout plan should include a combination of weight-bearing exercises, resistance exercises, and balance exercises. By incorporating these different types of exercises into your routine, you can give your bones the best chance to become stronger and healthier.

Treat Yourself to an Effective Workout Plan

Now that you understand the importance of exercise for strong bones, it’s time to treat yourself to a simple and effective workout plan. Building a workout plan can be simple and manageable. With a few key exercises, you can start reaping the benefits for your bones.

To begin, make sure to include weight-bearing exercises in your routine. I start with a 10 minute warm up walk on my treadmill, or high knees on the rebounder. I like to do squats on the power plate. I change the position of my feet to add variety and engage different muscle groups. To increase my heart rate, I do traveling step-ups on the power plate. For upper body and core, I do planks on the power plate. This is a great resistance exercise. For balance, I do single leg dead lifts on the power plate. I love vibration training on the power plate. It is low impact very effective workout that increases strength, burns fat, builds bone strength, improves circulation, and the list goes on..

Also, listen to your body and give yourself rest days. Recovery is just as important as exercise for building stronger bones.

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