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Meta-Vibe Morphic Fitness LLC

Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach for a Healthy Life

Fitness is the foundation of health. There are no shortcuts to a happy and healthy life. Only with proper exercise and nutrition you can achieve fitness and health. Meta-Vibe Morphic Fitness LLC is here to provide personal fitness training to especially the people who are busy and not able to go to the gym.


Active Lifestyle

We help you adapt to a fitness regime in a positive and quick fashion with simple activities. Our trainers provide curated programs that deliver a wide variety of exercises that are targeted to ensure a sustainable shift toward an active lifestyle.


Pain Elimination

Our trainers focus on whole body vibration that will help individuals who experience aches and pain due to an existing health condition. Our fitness programs will help you manage the pain through exercise and whole-body vibration.


Anywhere & Anytime

Our trainers will prepare your exercise program according to your lifestyle, health conditions, and any other limitation you may have. We enable you to engage in fitness programs from the comfort of your home, at the gym, anytime, and anywhere.

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Ruby P.

I have to admit that I was a little (well maybe a lot) skeptical when Renee approached me about using Whole Body Vibration to reduce the pain I was experiencing with my knees after double knee replacements.  After my first session with her though, the only words I could find to describe what I was feeling was "this is miraculous!"  After less than 3 minutes on the machine I started feeling relief, and after by the time we were finished with that one session, I was walking straighter and taller and in a lot less pain.  I'm am sold that by incorporating whole body vibration into a physical therapy and exercise regimen, I have found the answer I've been looking for to manage (and hopefully eliminate) my chronic knee pain.

Renee W.

After playing tennis for 3 hours today, the medial meniscus injury started to swell and was very painful.  Immediately upon returning home from my tennis match, I spent 20 minutes on my whole body vibration platform, doing squats, toes raises, quad extensions, and various stretches.  After completing this routine, I have no swelling and pain is gone! All thanks to whole body vibration recover training.

Martha K.

I suffered from sciatica pain for years.  I have tried physical therapy and various medications, which provided only short term relief.  Renee introduced my to whole body vibration.  She used a vibrating platform on which I would do exercises and stretches.   After three months of using whole body vibration twice a week, I started to feel long term relief.  I was pleasantly surprised at the relief I would get from using this technique.  Due to the recent turn of events with Covid 19, I have not used whole body vibration since March, however, the sciatica paid has yet to return.

Natalia M

I've played sports all of my life. I've also suffered from lower back pain for 30 years. I was dependent on Chiropractors, pain rubs, and ice packs to relieve my lower back pain. I've had cortisone shots which provided temporary relief.  As an avid tennis player, my pain limited how long I could play - 2hours at a time no more than 2 days in a row. The evening after playing required a heating pad or ice pack. The morning after playing had me routinely crawling out of bed limping along until a hot shower thawed me out and loosened my aching joints. At a recent tennis match, Renee brought her vibration platform. I'd never seen anything like it. I asked her what it was for and if it would be good for my back. She said 'Absolutely'.  I was eager to try anything to relieve my back pain.  I had just gotten off the court and my back was already in pain.  I stood on the platform for 10 minutes at level 1. The odd sensation took a moment to get used to.  After the 10 minutes, I felt fine. I didn't think the feeling would last, however.  An hour later, when I normally would be stiff as a board, my back felt good.  I felt incredible the rest of the day meaning that I drove home and still, no pain. The following morning was the first morning in years that I'd woken up after a day of tennis and felt no pain.  I felt normal. I felt healed.   If you have back or joint pain, and you want a natural treatment, give this a try. 1000% recommended.

Lisa O

My friend from college recommended vibration exercises for my knee pain . I am over weight and suffer knee damage ,so I thought  I would give it a try. Wow!  The vibration machine exercises gave me relief after one session. The swelling decreased, and range of motion increased and I am walking without pain. ? I am convinced vibration works and will continue lessons. Thanks Renee

Happy knees Lisa