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Recovery is a very important aspect of our workout routines. Sometimes because of time constraints we just complete our workout, whether it’s a cardio workout or strength training workout, and forgo the recovery. Doing this could lead to injuries which none of us need. Drinking water, in my opinion, is the best way to rehydrate your body post workout. Some people drink sports drinks such as Gatorade, and some even drink chocolate milk. My personal go to is blk. alkaline water. Blk. all natural fulvic minerals is known to also help boost your immune system. I have been drinking a bottle of blk alkaline water a day for the past month, and what I have noticed is after playing a 2 hour tennis match, I have very little joint pain compared to prior to drinking blk. This is my personal testimony and I am very pleased with this product. Try it for yourself and feel free to post your review.

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