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Renee – Personal Trainer

Renee is the founder of Meta-Vibe Morphic Fitness LLC. At the age of 52, she retired from a 30 year career as a Probation Officer to follow her passion for fitness. After receiving her diploma at the National Personal Training Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, she continued her education and received the following certifications: Online Training Academy Certification, Power Plate (whole body vibration) Certification, Stability Ball Training Certification and presently working on Nutrition Certification.

Meta-Vibe Morphic Fitness LLC

For Busy Women

Renee is a fitness professional who specializes in helping busy women who don't have time or don't like going to the gym. She aims to help others to achieve their ultimate health goals. Renee provides a wide variety of flexible training that suits your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Meta-Vibe Morphic Fitness LLC

Reducing the Pain

Additionally, she also helps all individuals who experience aches and pains, be it from an existing health condition, i.e., sciatica, or from an injury, to manage their pain through exercise and whole-body vibration. She is an avid tennis player and has personally experienced the many benefits of whole-body vibration.

Beginning Healthy

Renee also provides training online. Her training includes more than just weight loss It is about being healthy.

Meta-Vibe Morphic Fitness LLC