It’s more than weight loss

Have you ever started a fitness journey? It could have been a new year resolution or for a special occasion, i.e., birthday, class reunion, etc. I am certain most people will answer yes to this question. Well, how did that turn out? Did you meet your goal? Most times, this answer is no. Well, no matter when or why you start isn’t important. What is important is that you stick with it. If your goal is weight loss, and you get on the scale and don’t see a change, look for other changes. Have you lost inches? As a result of your walking or running, has your endurance increased? Can you pick you your two years with ease, because you have been doing push-ups? Most importantly, are your numbers good? What is your blood pressure, blood glucose level, and/or cholesterol level?

Being on a fitness journey isn’t just for weight loss.

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