Aging Gracefully at 60

I remember hearing my grandmother refer to a friend of hers as aging gracefully.  As I reached a milestone on March 6, 2021; I have a better understanding of what my grandmother meant.  When asked how it feels to be 60, after thinking about it, I realized that I feel better at 60 than I did at 50. Today, I can play tennis pain-free. I play several times a week and don’t need days to recover. My joints don’t ache after a workout, and I no longer go to a chiropractor or massage therapist for treatment.  Most importantly, in my opinion, I don’t take pain medication. I am 8 pounds from my goal weight according to my smart scale.  My body fat percentage is 30 % (standard), muscle rate is 43.9% (standard), bone mass is 6.2 % (high) protein rate 16.0% (high) visceral fat 7, (low) fat mass 46.3 (standard) and  muscle mass 65.7 lbs (standard).  Overall, these are good health indicators, and I feel great. Oh, and did I mention I am 60 years young! I believe that I am aging with grace and I attribute my good health to my commitment to exercise and the equipment I use. Whole Body Vibration, WBV is low impact and has numerous proven health benefits. It helps build stronger muscles, increases bone mass, increases blood flow, increases flexibility,  decreases cortisol levels, and reduces the appearance of cellulite.  This touches the surface of the many benefits of whole-body vibration.   I am living proof of the effectiveness of this method of training. It definitely helps to age with grace.


Eight years ago, my granddaughter had surgery.  After sitting with her for several hours in the recovery room,  I attempted to get up and couldn’t move.  I had no idea what was going on.  When I finally struggled to get to my feet, I felt a pain  I had never Several days later, I was diagnosed with sciatica.  I had no idea what sciatica was and that it could be so debilitating. My life was changed and for the worse.  I could not wear high heel shoes or stand in line at the grocery store without being in excruciating pain. Sitting for an extended period of time was very painful. As a probation officer, I had to sit in Court for hours.  Before each court hearing, I had to explain to the Judge that I would occasionally need to get up and walk during the Court proceedings because of my condition. I could not go out to eat without being in pain.  However, despite the pain, life goes on. I continued to work out and play tennis.  In an attempt to ease the pain, I used
  •  over the counter pain medication.
  •  prescribed pain medication
  •   a tens unit and
  •  received treatment from a chiropractor
All to no avail.

Aging Gracefully with Exercise

While waiting on my trainer to start our session, I saw this hugh machine.  I was curious, so I stepped on the platform and pressed the button. It began to shake for about 30 seconds. I remember thinking, boy, that was intense.  What is this thing?  I asked my trainer about it, and he advised that they just got it in, and he was not familiar with how it worked. After our session, I started researching.  I remember the brand name of the machine was Power Plate.  After googling the power plate and reading all the positive benefits, I had to have one.  Then I saw the price ticket.  I was disappointed due to the high price ticket. So I continued to research and found there are many brands of WBV platforms, so I eventually purchased one that I could afford. I was so excited to find a platform to use and was praying that it would help me feel better. Not being able to find an experienced whole-body vibration trainer, I decided to become one. Afterward, I researched everything I could find and educated myself on whole-body vibration.  The more I researched, the more I was thankful to have discovered this machine. I initially used the platform for stretching and massaging.   Subsequently, I started using the platform for exercising. After three months of using the platform, my sciatica pain was nonexistent! Whole-body vibration has been nothing but a blessing.
My testimony
It has been seven years since I have had sciatica pain.   Exercise is my secret to aging gracefully.   I exercise to:
  • increase bone density
  • increase muscle mass,
  • reduce stress
  • maintain good mental health,
  • increase flexibility,
  • prevent injury.
  •  as a form of selfcare
  • keep from taking medication.
So if you haven’t already, start exercising.  Your body will thank you, and you will live a better quality of life! Oh, a side note, I did purchase a Power Plate and love it!
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