30 Day Summer Fitness Challenge

Illustration of Women Working Out

Now that we are getting back to being able to safely attend indoor and outdoor gatherings, we have more options for working out.  I have heard several people talk about the Covid 15 or the Covid 20 extra pounds they gained as the result of being in quarantine and not being able to leave the house last year.  Well, now is the time to shred those extra unwanted pounds.  Summer is here and the perfect time to start a new challenge. This is a 30 DAY SUMMER FITNESS CHALLENGE.  It’s time to accelerate  your existing fitness routine. Starting tomorrow, whatever you are doing already, DO MORE.  If you are already working out 1 – 2 times a week, increase it to 3 -4; if you are doing 3 – 4; increase it 4 – 5 times a week.  Remember, that your body needs rest, so I would not recommend working out more than 5 days a week, to keep workouts productive, and not counterproductive, and prevent injuries.

So dust of those treadmills, peloton bikes, and row machines that were bought with good intentions to use but never started.  Get an accountability partner to help you get and stay motivated.  Whatever it takes, make the next 30 days, the best 30 days of 2021.

Who is with me?!

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